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DJ G-Spot is defining the next level in turntable domination. Though based in Chicago, DJ G Spot's dedication, style and business savvy is affecting the nation. His motto is "To be the best at what I do." And do he does with a coveted spot holding mixshows on KJMM-Tulsa, getting busy weekly at the hottest nightclubs in the nation and blowing up the streets with the gulliest mix CDs.

But it's easy to keep a full agenda. It's the passion that actually sets aside G-Spot from others. In fact, music has been a priority for G-Spot as long as he can remember. "I have been deejaying over half my life. I started in the basement when I was 12". His mother purchased his first set of Gemini turntables for him and spinning at his 8th Grade Graduation was his first official gig. From there he moved on to proms, graduations, and the college party circuit and eventually became one of the most well known DJs in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. While he was spinning at one infamous Windy City club one night, fate brought he and Sam Sylk together, who was there hosting the club for powerful radio station WGCI. Sam and G immediately clicked and formed a fast friendship which endured once Sam relocated from Chicago to Cleveland, Ohio to work at radio station WENZ. Sam was so impressed with G's skills he offered him the chance on the spot to join him at the radio station. This was G's break, and he decided to take a chance and "fulfill a life long dream."

He learned everything at the station from the ground up. G-Spot worked as a Board Operator, in the promotions department, a weekend mixer and overnight on-air personality. Finally in 2000, he was given the opportunity to become a full-fledged on-air personality and mixer working 6 nights a week. "I touched every aspect of the (radio) game. I learned you can never be one-sided and you have to always consider everyone's musical tastes. The best way to stay in touch with the streets is to make sure to stay in the public by going out to the clubs."

But G-Spot is clearly not limited to radio exposure. His reputation has extended to providing a variety of high profile opportunities including one with the powerful Jay-Z. "I opened for Jay on the Blueprint Tour and it gave me a chance to meet and work with Jay-Z and I spun with Swizz Beatz in Cleveland, for
P. Diddy's 2005 Super Bowl Party in Detroit, the '07 & '08 Kentucky Derby and New Music Seminar. You really get to know the artists because you are in close quarters with them. I love to come in, rock the crowd and show them that the Mid-West can do it just as well, if not better". DJ G-Spot was also the 2004 Official DJ for the Coors Distribution Convention in Honolulu. DJ G-Spot formed Da Entourage DJ's. and has been inducted in Whoo Kidd's Shadyville DJ Crew the CORE DJ's, and has been a long term member of the elite DJ Vatican Conference Call.

G-Spot has also been recognized for his excellent skills as a mix master. In 2008 he won Global Mixx's Midwest DJ of the Year, in 2006, he won a Southern Entertainment Award for Most Slept on DJ, he won Mid-West Mixtape DJ of the Year at Just O's Mixtape Awards in 2003 and 2004 and in 2003 he was awarded the Cleveland Scene Music Award for DJ of the Year.

It's this type of dedication and sincerity which helps to truly define DJ G-Spot. "I bust my butt to make it happen, I'm always working. I don't sleep very often", he explains. In addition to his busy radio schedule he keeps touch with the public at many national and local venues. G-Spot also produces a variety of Mix CD's and promotes records.

Be prepared because the hardest working DJ in the Midwest is about to take over the world.


901 West Jackson Street, Chicago IL 60607