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Legendary West Coast Producer | Dj Tony G. 1580 KDAY Mixmaster | Producer + Teacher
DJ Tony G. has been mixing it up since high school. At 14 years of age, he left his native state of NY by way of Florida and headed West to Southern California. In the late 80's, he was the DJ for pop sensation Young MC. He's a Pioneer of the Latino Hip-Hop Movement and produced acts such as Kid Frost, Mellow Man Ace, Eazy E., Kam, the Boo-Yaa Tribe, and The Latin Alliance (all these acts were on major labels at the time) and was the one responsible for creating mixshows and put together the 1st Radio DJ Crew "The Legendary KDAY Mixmasters"! For those not familiar with the history of los angeles commercial radio, KDAY was the first station in the world to go 24/7 Hip-Hop in the early-mid 80's, KDAY also helped bring into prominence the West Coast rap scene, and if that weren't enough they were also the first to use live dj's in the mix! Tony G is best known for his incredible scratching techniques and his role as the mix show director at the original KDAY.

Westside Radio: WEDNESDAYS 10:00PM PST

Legendary K Day mixmasters Julio G and Tony G bring you westside Radio every wednesday night at 10:00 pm pst. Bringing you nothing but the best in old school and new school hiphop with special weekly guest.

Tony G's Dicography

Writing & Arrangement

Tony G's So Good MCA Records 1988

Mellow Man Ace - Rhyme Fighter (2 versions) Capitol Records 1989

Mellow Man Ace - Escape From Havana Capitol Records 1989

Welcome To My Groove Capitol Records 1990

Psy-ko Funk (2 versions) 4th & Broadway 1990

No Man's Land (as Tony G.)

Latin Alliance - Latin Alliance (3 versions) Virgin Records America, Inc. 1991

Welcome To My Groove (as Tony G.)

Mellow Man Ace - The Brother With Two Tongues (2 versions) Capitol Records 1992

Rhyme Fighter (House Dub) (as Tony G.)

Various - The History Of Techno 4 Big Time International 1998


Rite Place Wrong Time (as Tony G.)

Bobby Jimmy And The Critters -Back And Proud (3 versions) Macola Record Co. 1987

If You Were Mine Capitol Records 1990

La Raza Virgin Records America, Inc., Virgin Records America, Inc. 1990

Mentirosa Capitol Records 1990

Know What I'm Saying Virgin 1991

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (as Tony G.)

Various - Rap Rhymes! Mother Goose On The Loose Epic 1993

Bite The Bullet (Theme From Gunmen) (12", Promo) MCA Records 1993

You Better Think (as Tony G.)

Various - State Of Emergency - Society In Crisis (Vol. 1) (3 versions) Mad Sounds Recordings 1994

Rest In Peace (as Tony G.) and 6 moreā€¦

Frost* - Smile Now, Die Later Ruthless Records,Ruthless Records 1996

La Familia (12") Relativity 1996

Whoop! Whoop! Big Beat 1997

Mentirosa (as Tony G.)

Various - Tommy Boy Presents: Hip Hop Essentials 1979-1991 Volume Four (CD) Tommy Boy Entertainment 2005
La Raza (as Tony G.)

Various - Snoop Dogg Presents: The West Coast Blueprint (CD, Comp) Priority Records 2010

Tres Delinquentes (Tony G. & Julio G. Version) (as Tony G.)

Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquentes & Remixes RCA, Loud Records 1996

Money, Power & Woman (as Tony G.)

Various - The Substitute - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2 versions) Priority Records 1996