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Mix Show Coordinator WJLB Detroit Michigan & WMXD 92.3fm
Kim "The Spin Doctor" James is the mix show coordinator for both FM 98 WJLB and WMXD 92.3. He’s the man behind the “High Noon Hot Mix” on WJLB and “Traffic Jam Relief Mix” on WMXD. Kim has recently been named Assistant Programming Director for the New Sister Station to FM 98 WJLB, FM 98 WJLB HD. Currently; Kim is the official DJ for Old School Sundays, which has been going strong for over 10 years now. He is also 1 of 6 nationally recognized DJ’s with the New Pepsi DJ Division From 2006 To 2008 .

In 2000, this accomplished mixer launched “The 7 Deadly Techniques”, a group of mixers consisting of himself, DJs G Raw, Polo, Fingers, Steadyrock, Blast, and Don Q, all of whom work at WJLB.

With all these accomplishments and being an all around good guy, as he calls himself, Kim James is venturing into other business affairs. He has recently unleashed his own company, Millennium Marketing, which is quickly becoming one of the city’s premiere companies in the entertainment world. Things are surely looking up for this promising entrepreneur /mixer.

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