Official Rane Product Specialist & Tour DJ [toured the world introducing ScratchLive]
Dee Jay K-N-S is not your ordinary D.J.; he is a turntablist. A turntablist is one who can manipulate sounds with vinyl. Mastering the art of the scratch, with just using his bare hands. K-N-S is a 2-in-1 man. He can scratch with the best of them and can also finesse a beat. The MPC2500 and various beat making equipment are his tools of the trade. K-N-S a.k.a. DIWREK is not a new jack to the g...ame (Spinning since '93). His resume is quite impressive. He has hosted a plethora of events, been on many radio shows, flew to other countries to showcase his talent, produces, engineers sound, is an entrepreneur, and has hosted one of the first underground hip hop shows in South Florida.

His production is not something to sleep on. If you were to sum up his style, you would say: Pete Rock mixed with Premier, add a dash of J-Dilla and a pinch of Hi-Tek. K-N-S's melodic beats are a guaranteed head-nodder. When it comes to music, he is a chef. Always splicing, chopping, tweaking, and testing to create the perfect beat. You can obviously tell by listening to his musical concoctions that K-N-S has a good ear for quality music. Previously, he was the product specialist and resident DJ for Stanton Magnetics Inc. for many years, constantly traveling the world, meeting with fellow turntablists, and exposing himself to other cultures. Currently, he is endorsed by Rane & Serato Scratch Live, Denon DJ & Galaxy Audio.

K-N-S is also an affiliate of Crazy Hood Productions, The AVX Music Group, The Hood DJ’s & I.M.S. DJ’s (Immense Music Squad). K-N-S can easily take on the moniker as "South Florida's Most Versatile DJ". You might just run in to him nationally or internationally spinning for a platinum hip hop star or showcasing for some of the best know DJ equipment manufacturers in the industry. "Google me, I'm everywhere!"

Done Scratches For:

T.I., Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, N.O.R.E AKA Noreaga, Cypha Diaz, Dynas, Garcia, Heckler & Basic Vocab


Urban Dreams Showcase @ The Seville Beach Resort SoBe (How Can I Be Down 96), The Organized Noise party @ Cameos SoBe (Impact 99), Latin Explosion Festival @ F.I.U. North, The 1999 Sunshine State Classic Step Show @ F.A.U., Iced Down 2000 in St. Lucia, and Ultra Fest @ Bay Front Park Miami (Winter Music Conference 2001, 2003 & 2006), Timberlands Annual Sales Seminar 2005, Remix Hotel Miami 2006-2008, WMC-DMC Spin Off 2006...