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On-Air & Mixshow WHXT Hot 103.9 & WWDM 101.3 The Big DM (South Carolina)
live in the mix:
Ice Cold Radio Mix @ Noon, Mon-Fri 12pm-1pm
Ice Cold Radio Mix Party, Saturdays 6pm-12am

DJ Prince Ice! Hailing from Columbia, SC by way of Paterson, New Jersey, the young ice cold kid began mixing and scratching at the tender age of 5. His first real DJ job was in the Dirty South. At only 15 Ice locked down a teen club in Stone Mountain, GA. Prince Ice managed to build his craft evolving into a terror on the tables.

Prince Ice attended Columbia School of Broadcasting. Ice moved to knock the block off the airwaves back to his new home town of Columbia, where he got his first radio job at WKWQ in Batesburg, SC. At Hot 95, Prince Ice was the Music Director and host of the Love Zone. After 2 years of producing 75% of Hot 95’s commercials, mixshows, and various programs, Prince Ice was called to bigger and better things by (101.3 WWDM) the Big DM. Prince Ice emerged to a new opportunity to bring Ice Cold Radio to the forefront. At the People’s Station, Prince Ice programmed the Quiet Storm and produced a segment, which he coined Letters of Love/The Quiet Storm., as well as, a party on the radio called Club 101. Due to his hard work, blood, sweat, and tears Ice Cold Radio became the only official full time prime time hip hop show on SC radio to rank #1 in all demographics! After 14 years of holding down the fort, Ice transcended into the hip-hop arena same style, new station: Hot 103.9 (WHXT)

Prince Ice has garnered the respected title of South Carolina's "Living Legend" for continuously being rated the #1 mixer on BOTH stations and in the state! Catch Prince Ice live on HOT 103.9(WHXT) Sundays from 6pm-8pm and on The Big DM 101.3 (WWDM) with the Ice Cold Radio Mix, Monday-Friday at 12noon and Saturdays 7pm-12am.

Once you've heard him mixin' and scratchin', you'll agree that he's Simply The Best!

Since he was about 3-months old, DJ Prince Ice's mother says he had a fascination with music. While growing up, he always marveled at the talents of his aunts, uncles, and especially his mother who was also a singer, songwriter and musician. With such a strong musical bloodline flowing in his family, Prince was destined to be "Ice Cold Baby!"

DJ Prince Ice's whole direction in music changed one Summer night at the local roller skating rink. It was the usual family outing on Sunday nights... but this one was special because the featured DJ (Dr. Love Joy) invited the young Ice to join him in the deejay booth. As ICE watched the DJ blend songs, mix and scratch records, he realized that it was exactly what he wanted to do. And from then til now, it's been ICE COLD BABY!!!


Prince Ice is not only a DJ, he also raps, sings and has hosted shows for some of the biggest names in music, from Keith Sweat, Notorious B.I.G, Juvenile & the Cash Money Millionaires, Run D.M.C, to Master P., IMX, Too Short, Lil Jon, Jay-Z, and many others!

ICE has his own company called ICE COLD PRODUCTIONS, under which he is producing