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World Famous Wakeup Show f. Sway & Tech | Universal Music Group | O.G. KMEL All-Star DJ
Auto-Bio: I have been a star DJ in the mixshow game since 1985 and one of the top DJs in the radio, club and record community in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I started my DJ career on the radio playing the best Hip-Hop, Electro, R&B/Soul and Dance records on KSOL 107.7 in 1986-87 in the Bay Area. I have also been a mixer on the air at KIIS FM 102.7 in L.A., KYLD 107.7 San Francisco, KMEL San Francisco and 92.3 The BEAT in L.A.. I have created some of the 1st Hip-Hop mega mix records ever produced in Dope Mix Vol. I & II and I was the DJ and Producer for the Wake Up Show with my partners Sway & King Tech from LA to the Bay and syndicated all over the country and overseas. I have produced various remixes and break beat records such as "Prince Ice Master Breaks Vol I, Mo-Thugs, Krazy Bone, RBL Posse and MSM".

The Club Game:

My Club DJ career started as the opener and closer for Cameron Paul at Club 412 in the mid 80's in San Francisco, after which, I won the KSOL DJ battle and began my rise as a star DJ. I developed clubs with less than 50 people to over 1500 patrons in a matter of weeks. These clubs included " 412, Club NRG, The Move, DV8, Club Mirrage, Illusions and the Sound Factory" in San Francisco for many years. I also sold out shows at clubs in San Jose, Emmeryville and Walnut Creek during that period until I moved to the Los Angeles area in pursuit of other adventures in the music field.

Changing The Game:

We created some of the earliest mixing styles and techniques many take for granted today. King Tech and I were the 1st DJs to ride an acapella over a drum beat in a mix. That was done with Ice T over a sequential drum track produced by King Tech. Production and edits on a 1/4" reel to reel tape along with the use of a sampler to create a masterpiece mix is what made us famous. It was a way to imagine and create sounds and mixes unique only to our station and audience. Another one of our creations happened when I turned off the turntable to change tempos or edit the beginning of Planet Rock's hits at plus 2, then Minus 2, followed by minus 8 and last I would just push the record to a drag and start a Hip-Hop segment in my mix going from 130 BPM to 92 BPM. All of which were edited together on a reel to reel tape. All mixes were produced with a full intro mega mix, middle bridge production and a great ending. Now, it is shame to see all these talented young DJs with all this technology at their means and all they do is just play records from a list and scratch like a never ending guitar solo. Mixing is an art. One must always try to take it to the next level of creation in order to keep it growing and to create new paths for other DJs to follow and expand =)