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Original KMEL All-Star DJ | Video DJ | Video Editor & Producer
Alex Mejia is a legend in the music industry, who got his start by deejaying after high school in local clubs in the Bay Area. After getting a coveted internship at KMEL, Alex used his knowledge of music and his ear to revolutionize the radio industry as KMEL's Street Music Director, introducing mix shows to the full power rotation. Now, the mix show format is an integral part of every radio station's programming.

After KMEL, Alex became Director of A & R for Virgin Records, working with artists such as Aaliyah, Lenny Kravitz, OutKast, Janet Jackson, P. Diddy and Missy Elliot, Scritti Polliti, KRS-One, Gang Starr, Rakim, Dj Premier, The Neptunes, Snoop Dogg, Raphael Saadiq, Tank, Ideal, Dj Quik, Diane Warren, Les Nubians, Nate Dogg, The Roots, Rodney Jerkins and Redman. His influence and expertise sold over 5,000,000 million albums for Virgin Records in the U.S.

Following the change in the music industry, Alex reinvented himself once again, becoming a producer of multi-media projects, including commercials, entertainment shows for mobile phones and iPhone applications.

Believing that his work as a DJ was not finished, Alex decided to pick up his headphones and dust off his turntables. Mejia says, “I feel I have some unfinished business with the art of dj'ing. I’ve done so much with music and have all this knowledge. I want to share it and celebrate. I approach the art of mixing from a whole different perspective now. It’s like golf or anything for which you have a passion. You get better as you work on your technique. I always recorded mix shows as a Dj, but never perfected my live playing skills. With this in mind, I’ve decided to sound better live as a Mix Master and take full advantage of all my knowledge of music and production and give it back to the people who have given me so much." - Alex Mejia