Tour DJ for the Foo Fighters, Korn, & Herbie Hancock | Fantastik 4our (Los Angeles, CA)
I DJ with the Fantastik 4our! Make beats on the ole SP-1200 and tour with some of your favorite bands. You're welcome..

"I have a passion for creating hip hop beats and giving them a hard-rock interpretation. It's an honor to be noticed by, and be a compliment to great artists like Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters" – C-Minus

On the eve of his thirteenth birthday, C-Minus DJ'd his first gig; his elementary school's end of the year Dance. It was on that night, when he realized where his life would take him.

Most recently, he was the radio host and on air DJ for The "Mass Distortion" show on Los Angeles' Power 106 (The number 1 station in the number 2 market in the US.)

C-Minus presented a unique format that mixed emerging rock and cutting edge hip hop artists for a large mainstream audience. Interviews he conducted were with artists such as, Chuck D (Public Enemy), Jay Z, Janet Jackson, Dilated Peoples, Suicide Tendencies, The Neptunes, Queens of the Stone Age, Cypress Hill, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighers), Mix Master Mike, Papa Roach, Jurassic 5. To this day, he still holds solid relationships with a majority of these artists.He was also an integral part of the popular Power 106 show "Friday Night Flavas" with The Fantastik 4our (J-Rocc, Truly Odd, Mr. Choc), from 1995 until 2006, where they featured the freshest of the underground hip hop music scene.

"I try to break progressive rock and hip hop before anyone else" says C-MinusIn 2006, C-Minus was asked to Executive Produce and Music Supervise the official soundtrack for the documentary about skate culture icon, Christian Hosoi. He facilitated key musical collaborations and was also featured on some of the tracks. Tracks included original songs and remixes from Dave Grohl, Queens of the Stone Age, Brant Bjork, Lexicon, Murs, MaddVillan (Madlib & MF Doom), Waajeed & Invinsible, The Gossip and more. As well, he also made a cameo in the movie Tenacious D & The Pick Of Destiny.