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WRBV V-101.7fm Clear Channel Communications (Macon, GA)
A veteran of the 1's & 2's for over 25 years with a love for good music. It all began in the days gone by and has grown every since. I've been doing this radio thang now for over 20 years. Still searching for that song that make you say DAMN.

It all started on the streets of Brooklyn, New York during those hot summers of the early 70's. Guys would roll out sound systems and compete during block p...arties. The DJ with the most people standing near his system was the winner. At that time it was all new to the masses. The culture grew and you made a choice of being an MC or a DJ. Of course I didn't have the rhyming skills so I became the DJ. I would take my allowance and buy new 45's and 12 inches. My first turntable was a Belt Drive unit. My first 12" was Salsoul Orchestra "Magic Bird of Fire". The first LP was the Jackson 5 "ABC". I would listen to everything from The Jackson 5 to Carlos Santana to E.L.O. to Boston.

We moved from Brooklyn during the Summer of '77 and I have been spinning tables every since. I graduated from Mays High Atlanta Georgia, 1982 and off to college, Troy State University, I went. The market was wide open and I stepped in and perfected my craft. There was no Frat or Sorority party that I did not rock. I would travel back to Atlanta on my free weekends and go to the Phoenix DanceClub on Marietta St. and listen to the best DJ I ever heard. His name was Das' Wright.

My first radio gig was on WTSU-FM, Troy, Alabama, a Classical/NPR Station. My first commercial Urban station was WORJ-FM, Juicy 103, Ozark, Alabama. It was definitely Old School with 45's with CUE Burns and big bulky tape decks and worn out cart machines.

I relocated back to Atlanta and started working at V-103 in 1990. The mixshow era was just beginning and I was on the boat with Tony Tee Rock Ski, Thomas Bacote, Keith Pollard (R.I.P.), Tommy Fixx and later on with DJ Jelly, DJ Nabs, Chico Renfroe Jr., Mike Nice, Jerry Smokin' B, Lil Jon. The list of DJs I've had the pleasure of working with includes Emperor Searcy, T-Storm, DJ Doc, DJ Mars, Art Thomasson, Michael Soul, Big Sexy, Prince Ice, DJ Frosty, Big Gee, B-Lord, Lord Jazz, Big Flex the Big Lip Bandit, Jamal Smallz, DJ Brick, DJ Phat Boi, DJ Swill, Bruce Wayne, DJ Montay and the list goes on.

I've had the pleasure of working with some great personalities and great radio stations and radio companies. I have also been blessed to have inspired young DJs to step to the plate and do their thing.